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ChamberAdvantage = Your Advantage

ChamberSolutions® is pleased to present our new ChamberAdvantage Office Depot Program. This turn-key office supply program is an effective yet simple way to add additional member-value at no cost to the chamber or member. Plus, the ChamberAdvantage Office Depot Program can even deliver non-dues revenue to the chamber making it a real win-win.

Your Brand = Your Advantage

It's easy to offer the ChamberAdvantage Office Depot Program. We provide your chamber with all of the tools and resources needed to introduce the program, and by offering quarterly specials and promotions, we help keep it top-of-mind too. All this while presenting the chamber's brand front and center. Your chamber even receives its very own branded entry portal that reinforces the chamber's value each time a member logs-in.

Sample Portal
Chamber's Branded Portal

More Savings

The ChamberAdvantage Office Depot Program gives chamber members exclusive pricing on a variety of business and technology products, digital print services, general office supplies and more. Plus, there are no contracts, no volume commitments, no set-up or registration fees. It's all about the SAVINGS!

Participating member companies save, on average, $150 per employee per year!

More Ways to Shop


Order Page

The preferred method of shopping is through the online purchasing platform. Here, members can easily find and compare items, make payment and set-up direct to their door shipping. All without ever leaving their office.

Best of all there are no processing, handling, or shipping charges - regardless of order size.

Mobile App

Mobile App

As Office Depot® Business Solutions customers, members can access their business account at a moment’s notice, no matter where life takes them. The NEW Business Solutions app let’s members do almost everything the website does when they’re not in the office. Available for both Apple and Android devices, this free download can help members streamline their operations.

In Store

Sample SPC

Sometimes, you simply "need it now."

No problem!

With the included Store Purchasing Card (SPC), members can purchase supplies and printing services at a local Office Depot or OfficeMax retail store and still receive special pricing.

We make it super easy for members to obtain a Store Purchasing Card. In addition to downloading it from the chamber's branded portal, members can text your unique SPC code to 28748. Members then instantly receive their Store Purchasing Card right on their smartphone. Now that's hip!